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Who We Are

"Establishing tomorrow, by building TODAY"

Firm Foundations Youth & Family Outreach, Inc. is a non-profit organization which serves both Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County. The organization is founded on the belief that by empowering young people and families with strong principles, knowledge and tools we are instilling within them a firm foundation that will allow them to sustain as upright and productive individuals. We believe that ALL have the potential to succeed in life and contribute to society by breaking barriers such as stereotypes, economic status and other stigmas.

Our VISION is to effectively serve the underserved, with programs that would transform lives rather than merely provide “a safe place” and fun “activities”. We build developmental relationships with youth - primarily middle and high school students that cause volunteers and staff to impact the root of any obstacles that are hindering them from being successful. By establishing a “firm foundation” within the youth and families being served, we would seek to make a long-term impact on those served.

Our MISSION is to EDUCATE, EXPOSE and EMPOWER youth and families to become self sufficient and confident of succeeding in society. Through the leadership and guidance of staff, volunteers and partnered churches, agencies and corporations, we will prepare all for successful development.

Firm Foundations IMPACT Formula...

Firm Foundations Youth & Family Outreach is in the business of transforming and shaping lives. The work we do at our organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our youth are provided services that are strategically and intentionally designed to IMPACT their lives. To ensure this, we use our 3 E's IMPACT Formula when planning our programs and events.


We EDUCATE participants by providing knowledge and supporting academics to ensure advancement.


We EXPOSE participants to things that will inspire them to exceed beyond their current situations.


We EMPOWER participants by providing them with tools, resources and mentoring relationships.

How We Serve...

Mentoring MATTERS

Mentoring MATTERS serves as a prevention and intervention program that impacts adolescents (ages 8-18) by providing them with trained adult volunteer mentors. Mentoring takes place in the form of small group sessions and/or one-on-one matching. Participating youth are mentored by mentors that are committed to building a lasting and meaningful relationship. The mission of Mentoring MATTERS is to also promote and advocate for the creation of quality, lasting relationships that provide young people with caring role models for success for all youth. We do this through special initiatives and collaborations with other youth serving organizations. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for our Girls iMATTER Empowerment Mentoring Program or for our Steps Towards Manhood Boys Mentoring Program!

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Our Teens TOGETHER Program provides out-of-school time opportunities for adolescents in 5th-12th grades. Teens TOGETHER provides positive and enriching skills building activities for young people to benefit from through our after school, summer programs and/or evening and weekend programs. The programs are based on 4 core focus areas: Education & Career Development; Leadership Development; Healthy Living and Personal Development.

A special initiative of the Teens TOGETHER Program is our Grind 2Rise College and Career Prep program designed to build the social capital of teens as they prepare to enter into post-secondary education opportunities and careers. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  to join Teens TOGETHER!

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Family MATTERS engages the entire household in the development of their teen by providing family involvement opportunities.  The initiative provides family support services to parents and caregivers by connecting them with resources to assist in the development of their children and their own personal development.  Family MATTERS provides free workshops, family events and activities that will equip families with new or additional skills, knowledge, resources and confidence that will benefit the entire family.

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Board of Directors

Marcus Adams, Microsoft

Ebonee Funderburk, Operations & Logistics

Tiyanna Glenn, Tiyanna B. Glenn Consulting

Joe Howard, The Rock of the Kingdom Ministries

Contact us today to apply to join our board

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