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  • IMPACT Learning's Remote Learning Club is a program to support students in grades 1st-9th with their remote learning. Program begins on Monday August 17th and is held Mondays-Fridays 8am-5:30pm. Click here for details on registration. Space is limited! 


  • Teens TOGETHER 2020-2021 Program Orientation/Info Session for Charlotte area teens Wednesday August 26, 2020 at 6:15pm (via Zoom).

  • Teens TOGETHER 2020-2021 Program Orientation/Info Session for Cabarrus County teens Thursday August 27, 2020 at 6:15pm (via Zoom).

What's Happening at Firm Foundations...

Congratulations Firm Foundations - JCPC Grant Recipient of 2020 Expansion Funds

The Cabarrus Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) reviews the needs of at-risk youth within their county, evaluates juvenile services and programs, promotes public awareness, develops intervention strategies and provides funding for services, treatment, counseling, etc. This spring, the Council awarded Firm Foundations funding to provide skills building programs for youth that are either currently in the juvenile system or at risk of becoming court-involved youth. Firm Foundations' Project ENGAGE will be implemented both in the school, at our partner school The Opportunity School, and in the community. We are excited to begin working in Cabarrus County!

Firm Foundations Jumpstarts Their TeensMATTER2 Campaign

#TeensMATTER2 is a message that Firm Foundations is spreading in an effort to focus attention on the needs of adolescents. It's no secret that adolescents encounter many challenges as they face peer pressures, academic expectations and everything else that puberty and maturation brings. This developmental period in their lives is pivotal and we know that because of this, they need a constant reminder that they "matter". Stay tuned to learn more about the resources and opportunities Firm Foundations is going to provide for more teens. You can also learn more about the need for programs for older youth.

1-on-1 with Firm Foundations Youth & Family Outreach CEO

Charlotte is home to many successful and growing non-profit organizations, so why was Firm Foundations Founder and Executive Director Kimberly Roseboro committed to creating another one? Let's take a look into the reason why Kim (known as "Ms. Kim" by her teens) was so passionate about creating an organization whose target population is one of the most challenging groups - yet underserved groups.

When asked.... 

Why do you feel Firm Foundations is needed in the Charlotte community? Ms. Kim passionatly answered... Having observed others agencies and having worked for other nationally recognized organizations that either only worked with elementary students or served ALL age levels, I felt that the needs of adolescents were neglected. The developmental stage of adolescence is such a critical stage and one that tends to consist of a lot of challenges, so I saw the need to be more intentional in regards to serving teens and having an organization solely focused and dedicated to servicing them and their parents/caregivers.  This sends an empowering message to teens by letting them realize that they matter to us, hence giving them a sense of belonging within our organization. They aren't cast to the side because they have "aged out" of any of our programs, nor are we just serving them by providing "open gym" or "free play" activities while we put more effort and resources in serving their younger siblings. Adolescent aged youth are at the forefront of the thoughts and plans of Firm Foundations and always will be, because we believe that #TeensMATTER2.

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